Everyone’s experience is different, but most people who receive acupuncture have no discomfort at all! Acupuncture needles are much thinner than the needles used when giving blood or getting a shot. Here at SOULSHINE, we utilize many different types and sizes of needles so that even the most sensitive patient can receive acupuncture treatment. With our gentle technique, most patients don’t even feel the needles at all! In addition, if you still can’t stand the thought of needles but are interested in the benefits of Chinese medicine, we have many other therapeutic modalities that don’t involve needles, like herbs, cupping, moxibustion, guasha, massage, mindful movement, meditation, breath work, and more!


Here at SOULSHINE, we don’t practice cookie-cutter medicine. We recognize that you are an individual with unique needs, and so that is how we approach your treatment plan. Depending on your condition and your individual constitution, you may see immediate improvement or you may need a series of treatments to see results. As a very general guideline, many people will see significant improvement within 6-8 visits, although more treatments may be necessary for serious and chronic illness. It is our goal at SOULSHINE to get you better as soon as possible- we won’t string you along! We will be honest and straightforward with you about what we are able to treat, and we will humbly refer you elsewhere if your needs fall outside our scope of knowledge or if we aren’t making the expected progress with your SOULSHINE treatments.


Come experience SOULSHINE acupuncture and Chinese medicine:

• If you are looking for therapeutic connection, guidance, and healthcare advice, so that you can achieve the health and wellness you deserve

• If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, fear, self-doubt or any other emotional imbalance that you feel prevents you from living the life you want

• If you have a generalized feeling of not living up to your greatest potential, or if you want to work on something specific like weight loss, menopause, PCOS, fatigue, pain or any other mind, body, or spirit issue

• If you feel like your hormones are “out of whack” and you crave more balance

• If you want to prevent mental, emotional, or physical imbalance during periods of stress or transition

Come experience SOULSHINE Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture:

• If you are looking to soften fine lines, lift and tighten the skin, or diminish dark circles, redness, or puffiness

• If you would like to enhance your appearance while also addressing internal health concerns

• If you want to prevent signs of aging to keep your skin youthful and glowing