Whether you have a diagnosed condition like anxiety, depression, obesity, addiction, insomnia, or chronic pain- or you are just feeling tired, lousy, or blue- we can help! Here at SOULSHINE we use acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling, mindful movement, meditation, and more to activate your innate interior resources to help you heal and thrive. Our individualized treatments focus on restoring whole body balance to decrease stress, enhance mood and positivity, improve sleep, and leave you feeling like your best, most radiant self!


Here at SOULSHINE, we understand women’s health from a truly holistic perspective. We create individualized, multidimensional treatment plans using acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapy, meditation, and breath work to help women achieve whole body health and wellness. If you are struggling with menstrual irregularities, PCOS, menopause, diminished libido, headaches, digestive troubles, chronic pain, or any other reproductive or hormonal concern, call today to see how SOULSHINE can help you find the balanced, whole body health you deserve.


For our Facial Rejuvenation experience, we use extra fine acupuncture needles, delicate glass cupping, jade rolling, guasha, and gentle massage to reduce the signs of aging by increasing blood circulation, skin oxygenation, and cellular renewal of the face. In addition to enhancing the appearance, we use acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition to address whole body imbalances that can manifest as dermatological symptoms. Our holistic SOULSHINE Facial can help you look and feel younger, improve your overall health, and give you that radiant glow that you deserve!

When creating SOULSHINE, we worked hard to design a healthcare experience with YOU in mind! From the minute you walk in, our conveniently located clinic will make you feel right at home. We will spend time listening to your story to understand the bigger picture of why you don’t feel your best. We will help you identify the root cause of your health concerns and support you as you embark on your journey to achieve whole body wellness. We believe in you and your ability to radiate health on every level!

We offer confidential, therapeutic connection that won’t break the bank.

We give equal emphasis to mental, emotional, and physical health so that we are treating YOU, not your symptoms.

Our knowledge of Western medicine allows us to effectively communicate with your other healthcare providers, so that you can have the coordinated care you deserve.